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Teen pop sensation Britney Spears and Titanic heartthrob Leo Di Caprio met in the early 2000s when their respective careers were on fire.The two hasn’t been seen friendly since this photo because we had no idea these two were ever friends!Here we see the two an event, with Drew’s sensational smile and Sharon looking (somehow) exactly the same as she does today, does the woman never age?

Nicole said that she and Naomi are “very, very good friends and have maintained that through so many things.” The A-list women are both married and have children of their own, but can be seen together with their respective families on group outings.Jennie and Tiffani had a falling out following the end of the show but decided to end their feud as they knew it made no sense to fight.The two reconnected thanks to their children’s school and having more mutual friends that made them realize that they need one another.Since meeting, the friends have been inseparable, being there for each other through tragedy, like Michelle’s former partner’s death, and throughout the three children, they have between them.Busy has said, “She’s proof that the love of your life does not have to be a man!

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